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We are a 501(c)3 corporation organized and run completely by volunteers who are dedicated to finding responsible, loving homes for racing greyhounds that no longer qualify to compete at the racetrack.  As Greyhound Pet Adoption Florida/Southeast is an entirely volunteer organization, all funds received go to the care of the dogs, maintenance of the kennel, and events which promote greyhound adoption.  Since we are a volunteer organization our continued existence depends on the support and generosity of people like you.  To make a donation please see our Donation Page.   


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Adopt a Greyhound with a Healthy Start

  • Heartworm Test with treatment, if needed
  • Fecal Testing with treatment, if needed
  • Neuter or Spay
  • Dental Cleaning including Extractions, if needed
  • All Vaccinations including Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP
  • Microchip
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Helping Hand (and Paw) for Kyra




Atascocita Kyra suffered a severe racing injury and is recovering from recent surgery for three broken metatarsals.  She's currently in medical foster with the hope of soon being healthy enough for adoption.  The cost for her medical care however  was substantial, so a GoFundMe campaign was created for Kyra.  If you're able to contribute we would greatly appreciate the donation to help this beautiful little girl.


Sponsor a Kennel Dog

For $50 a month you can sponsor one of our Adoptable Dogs and your name will be listed as a Sponsor on the website Adoption page until the dog is adopted. 

To become a sponsor please email at


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