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Lady and Sport (Currently being Fostered)

Age: Lady (9)  /  Sport (9)
Gender: Lady (Female)  /  Sport (Male)
Weight: Lady (65)  /  Sport (72)
Color: Lady (White and Fawn)  /  Sport (Red)

About Lady and Sport:

Lady and Sport have been in a home together since 2009 but due to the unfortunate passing of their owner are now looking for a new home.  They're both very sweet dogs that will need to be adopted together.  Their racing names were Craigie O Mara and Joker Dodgem.   

Lady & Sport are Sponsored by:   Lori Racioppo
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Age: 8
Gender: Female
Weight: 65
Color: Fawn

About Amy:

Amy is a beautiful and friendly girl who would probably do best as an only dog in a home with someone who is either retired or works from home.  She is however not cat or small dog friendly.  She was previously in a home for four years but from no fault of her own her owner was no longer able to care for her.  Her racing name was Boc's Queen Amy. 


Amy is Sponsored by:   David Mastropietro & Roger Charlton
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Gender: Male
Weight: 71
Color: Black

About Tyson:

This guy!  Tyson is a fun, energetic guy who loves to talk and run!  He enjoys playing with the other dogs but entertains himself just as easily with a tennis ball.  He seems to have been dealt a bit of a rough hand…his coat was pretty shabby when he first joined us.  But retirement suits him!  His gorgeous, shiny black coat is sure to stop traffic.  Tyson is sure to “knock you out” with his good looks and fun disposition!  His racing name was my Tyson Jo.


Tyson is Sponsored by:   Erin Bowes & Neal MacLean
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Gender: Male
Weight: 74
Color: Red

About Metal:

Don’t let this name fool you…he’s not hard like metal…this guy’s a big softie!  Metal can’t wait to meet you and beg for TONS of attention!  This fun guy loves car rides and playing with the other dogs at the kennel.  Metal is always running back and forth in the yard and getting everyone else ready up to play…a real ringleader!  Metal and Marty have developed quite the friendship and watching them romp and play is a real treat!  Metal will be a friend for life!  His racing name was my Flying Metal.



Age: 2
Gender: Male
Weight: 68
Color: Brindle

About Bano:

Bano is a handsome brindle guy that is waiting for you to take him home!  He has been a bit shy around us all…we have a feeling it’s because he wants a forever family right away!  Bano would do best with someone who is able to provide him with a lot of cuddles and one-on-one attention.  When he’s out in the yard he likes to explore and check out his surroundings…a very curious boy!  Back inside, he has the makings of a total couch potato…he’s ready to snooze the night away with you.  Could you please make his dreams come true and offer him a forever home?  His racing name was Banobodysdarling.



Age: 3
Gender: Female
Weight: 60
Color: White and Light Fawn

About Cara:

This girl is gorgeous!  Wow…what a stunner…and she has an amazing personality to match her amazing looks!  She is a happy-go-lucky girl that likes to play with you and with the other pups here at the kennel.  Some of her favorite past times include snuggling, sleeping, playing, and going anywhere as long as it’s with you!!! Cara is going to be a great companion for anyone!  She doesn't however do so well with small dogs or cats.  Her racing name was Craigie Casaro.



Age: 3
Gender: Male
Weight: 69
Color: White and Brindle

About Congress:

If this guy were going to run for Congress…you’d definitely vote for him!  He is a smart and friendly dog that interacts well with all of us here!  He likes to play and will get the rest of the group running with him…a real leader!  Congress just spent his birthday with us and when he blew out the candle on his pupcake, he wished for a forever family…please make his birthday wish come true!  His racing name was SWG Congress.



Age: 3
Gender: Male
Weight: 70
Color: White and Red

About Phantom:

Phantom is a special needs dog.  As a puppy he was given antibiotics that burned his esophagus, leaving scar tissue that now restricts his intake.  Special care is now required for preparing his meals and feeding him.  His food will need to be pureed with water so that he can lap it up without chewing or swallowing.  Additionally, his feeding bowl will need to be held high enough to ensure his food goes down.  He will need to be fed 3 to 4 times a day with smaller portions.  Also, he should not wear a collar but instead a harness and care should be taken to ensure no pressure is put on his throat. 

Otherwise he is a handsome healthy boy.  He is however not cat friendly. His racing name was Trouble McBones.



Age: 5
Gender: Male
Weight: 69
Color: White and Black

About Andy:

Andy’s racing name really suited him for his racing career…he was quite ambitious running in over 150 races!  But now he’s ready to be Andy (or whatever name you LOVE!) and retire in style!  He’s a bit older than the other pups here…but he still has the energy of a younger pup without all the silliness that can come with a dog that age!  And he does well with cats too.  So please consider opening your home to Andy…he will make a wonderful addition to your family!  His racing name was SS Ambitious.



Age: 4
Gender: Male
Weight: 73
Color: Red

About Pistol:

New to kennel.  More information to follow.  His racing name was Oshkosh Pistol.



Gender: Female
Weight: 61
Color: Black

About Rally:

New to kennel.  More information to follow.  Her racing name was BS Rally.



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