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Lady and Sport

Age: Lady (9)  /  Sport (9)
Gender: Lady (Female)  /  Sport (Male)
Weight: Lady (65)  /  Sport (72)
Color: Lady (White and Fawn)  /  Sport (Red)

About Lady and Sport:

Lady and Sport have been in a home together since 2009 but due to the unfortunate passing of their owner are now looking for a new home.  They're both very sweet dogs that will need to be adopted together.  Their racing names were Craigie O Mara and Joker Dodgem.   

Lady & Sport are Sponsored by:   Lori Racioppo
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Age: 3
Gender: Male
Weight: 72
Color: Black

About Garry:

Garry is a quiet loving boy who just wants to be with you.  He'll take your hand in his mouth and lead you around.  He's a great companion and has a beautiful coat.  He is not small dog or cat safe.  His racing name was Kiowa Top Gear.


Garry is Sponsored by:   Erin Bowes & Neal MacLean
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Age: 2
Gender: Female
Weight: 58
Color: Black

About Punch:

Punch is a really nice sweet girl who will make a great pet.  She is currently in medical foster but should be available for adoption by the end of May.  Her racing name was Js Extreme Punch. 



Age: 2
Gender: Female
Weight: 65
Color: White and Red

About Cotton:

A very laid back girl who gets along great with everyone.  She is small dog and cat safe.  She has the softest, fullest coat you will ever see, thus the name.  Her racing name was Nb's Flash N Go. 


Cotton is Sponsored by:   David Mastropietro & Roger Charlton
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Age: 3
Gender: Male
Weight: 74
Color: Dark Brindle

About Defiance:

Defiance is a nice boy who is very people friendly.  His racing name was Pat C Defiance. 



Age: 4
Gender: Male
Weight: 71
Color: White and Black

About Leo:

Leo is a good looking, nice and personable boy who would make a great addition to any family.  His racing name was Oshkosh Napoleon. 



Age: 3
Gender: Male
Weight: 75
Color: Red

About Earl:

A big boy who is always happy and loves attention.  His tail is always going.  His racing name was Earl the Pearl. 



Age: 2
Gender: Female
Weight: 60
Color: Blue

About Raisin:

Raisin is a beautiful young girl who is very energetic and personable and loves attention.




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