Greyhounds Available for Adoption



Age: 4
Gender: Male
Weight: 67
Color: Black

About Oorah:

This tall, handsome man has to be one of the friendliest greys I have ever met…and I’ve met lots!  Oorah has a ton of affection to give and wants nothing more than to follow you around and love on you at every chance.  He just seems to smile all day as if he knows his racing life is over and there’s a wonderful family waiting for him!  This boy will snuggle and kiss as long as you let him!  Please stop by to snuggle with this little love bug.  His racing name was Pat C Hooraw. 



Age: 4
Gender: Male
Weight: 80
Color: Red

About Unk:

Meet Unk!  He is an amazing athlete with a great build, but he’s ready to put the track behind him and begin his retirement!  A perfect day for Unk includes sniffing around the yard and sunbathing, no matter how hot!  He gets along well with the other dogs here and is super friendly to all of the volunteers as well.  If your family wants an active, fun, and outgoing grey, then you might be the perfect match for Unk!  Come by to say hi!  His racing name was Oshkosh Unk. 



Gender: Female
Weight: 63
Color: Black

About Smiley:

Say “cheese!”  Yes, yes…Smiley was her racing name…but it totally suits her!  She is a happy-go-lucky, elegant girl that is always the life of the party.  Smiley loves playing with her toys, talking to the other pups, and zooming around in the yard.  One of her dislikes, however, is cats, so if you have feline friends at home, Smiley may not be the hound for you.  Smiley requests you stop by ASAP to say hi! Her racing name was JS Puffin Smiley.



Age: 3
Gender: Female
Weight: 69
Color: Red

About Jasmine:

If you’re the jealous type, Jasmine may not be the pup for you….she will steal the attention EVERYWHERE you go!  Wow, look at those eyes!!!  But don’t worry…she’s not just a beauty…she’s got a greyt personality to match!  Jasmine is calm, affectionate, and graceful.  She plays well with the dogs here but also enjoys exploring on her own or napping in the cool shade.  If you’re up for the “challenge” of walking around with the most gorgeous girl in town, please come by and meet Jasmine.  Her racing name was BS Jamie.



Age: 3
Gender: Male
Weight: 70
Color: White and Red

About Phantom:

Phantom is a special needs dog.  As a puppy he was given antibiotics that burned his esophagus, leaving scar tissue that now restricts his intake.  Special care is now required for preparing his meals and feeding him.  His food will need to be pureed with water so that he can lap it up without chewing or swallowing.  Additionally, his feeding bowl will need to be held high enough to ensure his food goes down.  He will need to be fed 3 to 4 times a day with smaller portions.  Also, he should not wear a collar but instead a harness and care should be taken to ensure no pressure is put on his throat. 

Otherwise he is a handsome healthy boy.  He is however not cat friendly. His racing name was Trouble McBones.


Phantom is Sponsored by:   Erin Bowes & Neal MacLean
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Age: 8
Gender: Female
Weight: 65
Color: Fawn

About Amy:

Amy is a beautiful and friendly girl who would probably do best as an only dog in a home with someone who is either retired or works from home.  She is however not cat or small dog friendly.  She was previously in a home for four years but from no fault of her own her owner was no longer able to care for her.  Her racing name was Boc's Queen Amy. 


Amy is Sponsored by:   David Mastropietro & Roger Charlton
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Lady and Sport (Currently being Fostered)

Age: Lady (10)  /  Sport (10)
Gender: Lady (Female)  /  Sport (Male)
Weight: Lady (65)  /  Sport (72)
Color: Lady (White and Fawn)  /  Sport (Red)

About Lady and Sport:

Lady and Sport have been in a home together since 2009 but due to the unfortunate passing of their owner are now looking for a new home.  They're both very sweet dogs that will need to be adopted together.  Their racing names were Craigie O Mara and Joker Dodgem.   


Lady & Sport are Sponsored by:   Lori Racioppo
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